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Smart CARD ICs

StarChip founded in Jan 2009 by semiconductor professionals, with successful experiences in serving extremely competitive markets, is designing and Industrializing Smart Card Ics

Key factors

  • Proven expertise in advanced Security (HW, Certifications) with 40 designers specialized in Secure Chip Design
  • More than 800 Million ICs shipped to the Smart Cards market in 3 years
  • Part of Safran since mid-2013, Healthy Financial Status
  • Several locations (Meyreuil-Fr HQ, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore)

Success Stories

  • 3rd gen of Telecom SIM Controllers being deployed
  • 1st gen of Banking / ID Controllers being introduced

Proprietary Secure IPs

  • 32 bit Secure RISC Core ARX
  • Crypto Engine, RSA/ECC/3DES/AES
  • Patented HW Endurance Engine (ECUBE – above 1Mcycle)

Proprietary RF IPs

  • ISO14443 Type A Interface
  • LISA (Ultra Low Power Integrated Circuit for Secure RF Applications)
  • Antenna Design Know How


  • Common Criteria EAL5+,
  • EMVCo,
  • ISO9001


  • HHGrace (Shanghai) for Telecom/Payment mainstream Products
  • LFOUNDRY (Italy) for Dual ID/Banking Products
  • UMC (Taiwan) for advanced 55nm technology
  • Backend operation done in KLT (Shanghai) / Nanium (Portugal)