Telecom Modules

  • Definition

    A Subscriber identity Module card (SIM) is a small integrated circuit in the form of a smartcard composed of a plastic card body and a module holding the contact pads and the Microcontroller. Our products are sold as modules assembled and packaged in reels, ready to be embedded into SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM cards.

  • Production Capacity

    We have carefully selected our assembly partners to ensure both continuous high capacity production and the fastest reactivity on the market.

  • Quality

    Our modules went through severe qualification to ensure reliability whatever the external environment to cope with GSM standards.

  • Supply Flexibility

    Smart Tiger offer is extremely flexible with the following configurations:

    • Chip (no module) + OS
    • Module (with Chip) + OS
    • Module (with Chip) with OS loaded
    • Module (with Chip) with OS and Profile loaded.


Four Families

  • Smart Tiger Native SIM Modules

    Stiger Native, the best fit for 2G and CDMA markets has been designed for international mobile operators willing to extend their customer base in a competitive market place. With a highly optimized footprint, Smart Tiger Native is fully compliant to GSM phase 2+ standards. Built on a state of the art 32-bit chip technology Smart Tiger Native provides versatility with multiple product references to match your requirements (user memory size, browser …). Without compromising neither on quality nor on security Smart Tiger Native is optimized for cost sensitive markets and has been conceived to last several years thanks to an efficient flash memory management and a possible upgrade Over The Air.


  • Smart Tiger Java SIM Modules

    Smart Tiger Java SIM is a state of the art platform designed to allow mobile operators to increase their revenues through data services and bring differentiation from the competition with tailored Value Added Services (VAS). By embedding Java Card technology, Smart Tiger Java SIM delivers a high interoperability level through the easy source code development, applet loading and processing. In addition, Java provides h1 tools to achieve fastest time to market and cost efficiency. Built on a high-performance 32-bit chip technology, Smart Tiger Java SIM is scalable to your needs with a complete range from 32KB to 128KB user memory and optional browser. Last but not least, the support of OTA capabilities provides to mobile operators a better way to handle the card life cycle.


  • Smart Tiger USIM Modules

    Smart Tiger USIM is the ideal solution for Mobile Operators preparing a smooth transition from GSM to 3G. With 2G backward compatibility service continuity is ensured while thanks to Java, third-party or in-house applications can be easily integrated. Built on the latest 32-bit silicon technology, Smart Tiger USIM is fast, secure and reliable and covers all memory capacity requirements of today’s market (from 64KB to 256KB). S@T and WIB browser are also available in several references. OTA capabilities are also enhanced by the optional CAT_TP protocol allowing complex and sensitive services.


  • Smart Tiger LTE Modules USIM

    Long Term Evolution (LTE) is going to reshape the wireless industry and has been selected by the mobile industry for the fourth-generation wireless networks. Smart Tiger LTE platform implements the latest 4G technologies to manage different quality of services levels for different services such as voice, video on demand and multimedia services. While extremely efficient on LTE networks Smart Tiger LTE ensures backward compatibility with 2G and 3G networks allowing mobile operators to capitalize on earlier investments. Smart Tiger LTE is scalable with a complete range from 64KB to 256KB user memory and optional browser (WIB/S@T).

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