No compromise in security

To meet the growing demand for payment solutions through EMV technology, StarChip® has developed a broad portfolio of innovative and secured ICs aimed at addressing the payment market from cost-effective SDA to high end Dual DDA solutions. At StarChip®, security is part of our DNA and we help our partners to meet these challenges with high performance, highly-secured Common Criteria products supporting both contact & contactless interfaces.

The right choice for your payment applications

SCB Payment Controllers family

The SCB family is the perfect solution for players seeking a smooth migration towards EMV cards at a reasonable price. This family is tailored to address native and mid-range Java applications with contact interface. The SCB controllers are cost-effective devices targeting EMVco certification. A comprehensive set of development tools, StarBox V2 includes all necessary items to develop high-quality software in a timely and cost effective manner.

SCR Payment Controllers family

The SCR family provides highly innovative security features for contact, contactless & dual DDA. This family, based on the most advanced encryption algorithms (PKI/AES/TDES…) and patented ARX 32-bit secure CPU, is tailored to offer powerful secure solutions to enable safe payment transactions. The robust embedded security mechanisms inside ARX CPU provides a comprehensive protection against both Side-Channel and Fault Injection attacks allowing to develop safety applications requiring high levels of security. In addition, the SCR family embeds our in-house secure GAIA technology enabling our chips to detect any unreliable behavior related to attacks and react by locking the system thus ensuring protection of sensitive data.

Last but not least SCR family is delivered with the highest security certificates in the industry (EMVCo and Common Criteria EAL5+) bearing testimony of StarChip® commitment to becoming a leading supplier of secure solutions.

Our Payment controllers can be delivered in wafer form, sawn dice on frame or module.

SCB/SCR Products details

Payment Brochure

SCB136I EMVCo certificate (on EMVCo Website)

SCB256I EMVCo certificate (on EMVCo Website)

SCR400L EMVCo certificate (on EMVCo Website)