Payment Modules

Common Features

  • Personalization – CPS – GP (GlobalPlatform)

    Card personalization is one of the major components in the production of the EMV cards. Numerous methods of personalization with proprietary commands exist for each card or application. EMVCo developed a new standard (CPS) for EMV personalization aimed at reducing the cost of issuing and simplifying the implementation for financial institutions. All StarChip Smart Tiger products are compliant with the CPS standard.

  • Single mask concept MasterCard or Visa – YOUR choice

    Several Smart Tiger products support the latest payment applications from Visa or MasterCard on the same mask. This leads to efficient stock management by redu¬cing cost and lead times.

  • Future proof post-issuance application design and personalization

    All Smart Tiger products offer issuer the chance to design and personalize applications after cards have been issued. By doing so even cards in the cardholders’ wallet can be updated to support a loyalty system introduced at a later stage avoiding costly re-issuance and allowing a faster time-to-market.

  • Added value applications loyalty, authentication and more

    All Smart Tiger products offer a wide range of built-in functionality whether it is secure authentication methods or data storage services. The highly customizable application functions allow support for almost any loyalty program including the world’s largest loyalty schemes. MasterCard’s Card Authentication Program (CAP) or Visa’s Dynamic Passcode (DPA) are also part of the built-in application package.

  • Applications

    Smart Tiger Products support the most widely use financial applications such as: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, China Union Pay, American Express, EMVCo as well as regional applications.

  • Bio pin “match-on-card” cardholder authentication

    Smart Tiger products can be protected upon request using a verification method based on fingerprint biometrics called Match-on-Card enabling superior protection of the stored data by matching fingerprints directly on the card. The card compares the live owner’s fingerprint image with a reference template stored securely when the card was first issued. Sensitive data is securely stored at all times without leaving the card making a MoC featured banking card the best way to guarantee a card holder’s privacy.

Three Families

  • Smart Tiger SDA Modules

Smart Tiger SDA family is StarChip solution for Contact SDA markets requiring products with cost effectiveness and simplicity to fight against frauds, the key driver of the chip migration. To serve various use cases and markets, the Smart Tiger SDA family offers different type of products. Some products of the family rely on a static platform especially designed to optimize security and simplicity. In addition special care has been taken regarding the flexibility of those products to increase differentiation for the banks. Other products of the family are based on Java Card TM and Global platform specifications. Consequently they fully take benefit from the interoperable environment to provide an ideal solution for multi-application scenarios with for example dynamic application administration.

  • Smart Tiger DDA Modules

While minimizing losses from fraud remains a key driver for card issuers, Value Added Services (VAS) are becoming more and more important for market differentiation and positioning. The Smart Tiger DDA family has been designed to support these factors by bringing the ultimate secure solution for payment transactions for DDA Contact markets. All Smart Tiger DDA products are using advanced authentication technology to ensure state of the art security to financial institutions without any compromises. To better cope with various customer profiles, Smart Tiger DDA products are based either on a cost effective static platform or on a Java open platform for extreme flexibility.

  • Smart Tiger DUAL Modules

Contactless payment is being massively adopted by card issuers. Smart Tiger Dual family is StarChip offer to financial institutions willing to satisfy this booming market. Smart Tiger Dual products are based on Java Card TM and Global platform specifications thus offering highly secure and fully interoperable environment. The result is a comprehensive family of products offering to financial institutions convenience thanks to the contactless capability, robust security thanks to its PKI engine as well as flexibility for card issuance due to Java features.

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