Starchip M2M products


M2M (Machine-To-Machine) over cellular networks is one of the fast growing markets. It allows automated communication between remote machines and central management applications with minimized or dispensed human intervention. Such definition is applicable to a wide range of market segments and as those applications are multiple specific cares must be taken to ensure that M2M controllers provided are able to cope with various and extreme environments.

Optimized in Every Aspect : Robustness, Performances and Flexibility

StarChip® carefully selects the most advanced technologies and IPs available to optimize the design of its M2M Controllers. The result is the SCM family, a complete product portfolio dedicated for M2M applications that fully encompass the requirements of the M2M market thanks to :

  • High performance 32-bit CORTUS APS3 Architecture
  • Best-in-class Endurance thanks to E³ (ECUBE – Endurance Enhancement Engine)
  • Endurance Lifetime Gauge
  • Extended temperature range from -40°C to 105°C
  • Robust Data Retention (>10 years)
  • Optimized DFN8 package compliant with ETSI TS 102.671 MFF2
  • Compliant with ETSI TS 102.671: TB-MA-HA-VA-SA-RA-UC
  • Optimized cost value chain through Direct purchase from foundries
  • Dual silicon sourcing HHGrace and UMC

Design for Harsh Environments

Qualification of the SCM family has been designed to ensure correct operation whatever the system is used in. With products ranging from 360 KB to 1400 KB Flash, the SCM family has been designed to answer to all types of M2M applications. The SCM M2M family shares the same core platform as the SCF SIM controller family, allowing easy software porting and reuse. Tools are also common between the two families giving to SCF developers an  immediate access to the SCM family.



  • High-performance 32-bit CORTUS APS3
  • Up to 20Mips@20Mhz
  • Advanced low power modes

Flash Memory :

  • Fully flash-based with SST SuperFlash
  • Robust data retention (>15 years)
  • Ultra-high endurance (ECUBE)
  • Endurance Lifetime Gauge

Temperature :

  • Operating Temp. -40°C to 105°C

Security :

  • Secured Memory
  • TurboSecure Uploading System
  • High resistance to cloning
  • Exhaustive traceability
  • Secure Lifecycle management
  • Invicte Crypto Engine (SCM1400)
  • EMVCo / EAL5+ (SCM1400)

Development Tools

  • StarBox Real-Time Emulator
  • Complete Development Suite


  • Our M2M controllers can be delivered in wafer form, sawn dies on frame module or standard industrial packages.


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