IRIS: a new RF concept

IRIS: Interoperable RF Interface for Smart Objects

IRIS is a new concept of high speed contactless interface embedded into StarChip products. Fully compliant with ISO 14443, it extends the possibilities of the standard to focus on user experience. Developed with Interoperability in mind, this technology will guaranty:

  • Full operation with readers from all vendors globally deployed
  • Self-adaptation to existing systems already installed
  • Self-adaptation to NFC mobile phones under deployment

The high efficiency of the IRIS contactless interface allows to power up Starchip secure products during most demanding cryptographic operations. Combined with high speed data rates, it guarantees fast transaction time with high stability in extended operating volume of contactless terminals.
IRIS RF technology is compatible with different antennas solutions available on the market : Copper based wired, etched or printed antennas. Inductive antennas are also supported to provide the best trade of between performance and mechanical robustness.

IRIS allows also the integration of Starchip product into smaller form factors than smart card one. Using lower size antenna classes is then possible, to integrate Starchip products into Smart Objects.

Starchip team benefits from 15 years of experience in contactless and NFC developments, participating to deployment of large scale and opened contactless system like:

  • ICAO ePassport
  • National ID cards schemes in large countries
  • EMV banking applications
  • Very demanding systems like transport

If you are an OEM, IDM, or a design house, and would like to learn more about how IRIS technology and StarChip® expertise can benefit your IC project, please contact StarChip® Sales.

Iris description