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Starchip offering for the ID market

At StarChip®, security into the chip is of paramount importance for us and we have developed a range of secure 32-bit flash based controllers specifically tailored to address the electronic ID card market. To respond to public and private demands for better protection of data and privacy through secure identification & authentication, we provide high-performance highly secured Common Criteria controllers.

The SCR family

The SCR is StarChip® most sophisticated & powerful platform addressing high-end identity documents that require strong security features such as ICAO compliant e-Passports. This new family is based on a secure CPU : ARX 32-bit core, a low-power, modern RISC processor with Harvard architecture, that provides a comprehensive protection against both Side-Channel and Fault Injection attacks allowing to develop secure applications requiring high levels of security. The SCR controllers are built around inhouse secure platform GAIA developed to further improve the security of our chips by incorporating many security measures. GAIA embodies technologies enabling our chips to detect any unreliable behavior related to attacks and react by locking the system thus ensuring sensitive data is protected.

Our new SCR family like all StarChip® products, is based on low-power secure Flash technology which provides high performance, flexibility and fast time to market fitting industry’s needs for highly reliable, fast solutions. With its large memory capacity, the SCR family is able to hold amazing amount of information (fingerprints, facial images) fulfilling perfectly the needs of high-end applications. The SCR family offers dual interface capabilities (ISO 7816 / ISO 14443 type A) and targets the highest levels of security (Common Criteria EAL5+).

Customized controllers for specific demands

Alongside the standard families, StarChip® also offers customized security solutions to meet the needs of markets with specific security and certification requirements. Thanks to our in-house wide range of secure IPs, we are able to provide tailored solutions based on our know-how and technical expertise to meet every security concern and every specific or local certification requirement.

Whether you are considering the development of a new customized product or finding a replacement for your ASIC EOL, StarChip®’s smart cards ASIC solutions will fulfill your needs.

Our ID controllers can be delivered in wafer form, sawn dice on frame or module.

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