GAIA : Global Auto-Immune Architecture

A New Vision of Security on Silicon

GAIA, the “Goddess of the Earth” from Greek mythology, is a philosophy of treating the Earth as a living, self-healing organism. At StarChip®, we apply this self-regulating view to our security architecture, integrating robust security mechanisms directly into the chip. The result is comprehensive, in-depth protection against a broad range of security risks, to help safeguard critical data and minimize recovery time. GAIA is an innovative, global vision for security on silicon. It is based on three key pillars:

  • Eliminating complex, hazardous analog protection
  • Protecting products against current and future threats
  • Controlling costs

In each of these fields, StarChip® is redefining conventional ideas and pursuing a radical new architectural perspective. To make this vision a reality, StarChip relies on our team’s wealth of experience in embedded security and certifications. If you are an OEM, IDM, or a design house, and would like to learn more about how GAIA technology and StarChip® expertise can benefit your IC project, please contact StarChip® Sales.


StarChip® employs a skilled team of secure microcontroller, ASIC, and embedded cryptography/security experts (more than 20 years of experience in the security field) with tens of designed and certified secure ICs (EMVCo, EAL5+, FIPS):

  • Our team closely works with your team through every step of your product lifecycle to assess and determine the optimal solution for your application, system, or ecosystem.
  • Alongside with your team, our team ensures that state-of-the art implementation is done.
  • Our team works with your team to analyze and implement solutions to the constraints that such secure design requires for testing and/or production.

Working with StarChip® as your security partner helps you developing a safe and comprehensive solution for a complete success.

Arx Secure Core

Arx Secure Core is a High-performance 32-bit RISC core based on Cortus APS3s CPU with embedded secure mechanism. StarChip®designers implemented protection against fault injection and side channel attacks on:

  • Register bank
  • ALU
  • Buses

Arx Secure Core can be used as the main CPU of your system or in conjunction with an application processor in case of more demanding applications. Supporting various system interfaces (AMBA…) Arx SecureCore is available in ASIC (synthesizable HDL) and FPGA (netlist) forms, and includes everything required for successful implementation. A development kit (compiler, debugger) is also available.

Invicte Crypto Engine

Invicte Crypto Engine is an embedded security module defined as a standalone IP supporting the main industry-standard algorithms:

  • PKA (Public Key Accelerator) for RSA and ECC calculations
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • DES (Data Encryption standard)
  • HASH algorithms (MD5, SHA)
  • RNG (Random Number Generator)

Invicte Crypto Engine combines StarChip® expertise in both Cryptography and Embedded security and gives the user fl exibility to confi gure the implemented algorithms. It is scalable to be adapted to customer’s requirements whether a high-performance throughput or the smallest footprint is requested. Our team will help you to accelerate the Invicte Crypto Engine design and test integration and thus optimize yourTime To Market.


StarChip® experts can assist you with the main certification standards which are EMVCo, Common Criteria and FIPS. Our objective is to help you to win Time To Market and to avoid iterations by relying on our people knowledge/expertise and by engaging the process as early as possible in the product Lifecycle. This makes the certifi cation process easier and cost effective. Our mission is to assist you in the certifi cation of the product and the creation of the necessary documentation required by the third party labs.

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