E³(ECUBE): Endurance Enhancement Engine

Ultra-High endurance at low cost

Ecube StarChip®’s proprietary E³ (ECUBE) -Endurance Enhancement Engine algorithm provides ultra-high endurance at low cost. E³ (ECUBE) provides global endurance management to overcome traditional flash endurance limitations.

Its innovative features include:

  • Support for up to 2 billion cycles
  • Scalable and flexible to meet specific customer requirements
  • Fully transparent to software
  • No additional software management required
  • Minimal timing penalties
  • Does not impact code fetching

Provides robust endurance for SIM and M2M applications, or any flash-embedded software
Delivers ultra-high endurance at low cost

If you are an OEM, IDM, or a design house, and would like to learn more about how E³ (ECUBE) technology and StarChip® expertise can benefit your IC project, please contact StarChip® Sales.

Tailored Memory: Designing Customized SST SuperFlash Blocks

The universal nature and full CMOS compatibility of SST SuperFlah boosted its deployment and success.
As a result, SST SuperFlash benefits of an important Ecosystem including wafer foundries offering SuperFlash manufacturing and design houses designing SuperFlash based chips, and more and more system-on-chip designers embedded Flash solutions.
Recently, SST and STARCHIP signed a licensing and design Partnership agreement to support SST’s partners looking for designing embedded Flash blocks.
In this design partnership StarChip will use its proven NVM design capabilities to develop customized NVM blocks based on SST SuperFlash technology.

This new service will allow SST partners to:

  • Get embedded NVM blocks designed based on their specifications and own products constraints: Density, current consumption, speed, endurance,…
  • Get Embedded and efficient charge pump design
  • Access to experts in designing very optimized/small memory block size
  • Access to experts in designing very low power/very low voltage
  • Enhance SuperFlash native endurance with E³ (ECUBE) technology to Billions of cycles
  • Get fully designed embedded NVM IP block, ready to be integrated, in 3 months using best in classes practices
  • Get a complete and structured delivery package
  • Technical support during the IP block integration phase

For more information about our Design Service, please contact StarChip® Sales.